PFLP: Biden’s victory carries no fundamental change for rights of the Palestinian people

Photo: Arab Revolutionaries

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine considers Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential elections to carry no fundamental change regarding the rights of the Palestinian people and various Arab issues. It expects a continuation of the approach of previous U.S. administrations, which have not stopped their support for the Zionist entity [Israel] at various levels, maintaining its military superiority and protection and encouraging it to bypass international decisions, even those unjust agreements that were sponsored and signed in the White House.

The PFLP calls on the Palestinian leadership to beware of any false promises that the Biden administration might make in order to return to negotiations, and to stop any illusions that the goals of the Palestinian people can be achieved through them.

The Popular Front stressed that ending the occupation in all its forms, achieving the national goals of our people for return, self-determination and an independent state with its capital in Jerusalem, lie in severing the decisions of the Oslo accords and the resulting commitments and recognition of the enemy, cessation of the phony negotiations, ending division and restoring our national unity,  rebuilding the components of the Palestinian political system on a democratic basis with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) at its core, and agreeing on a national liberation program based on the fact that the struggle with the Zionist entity is a comprehensive and open conflict, and that unity and all means of resistance are indispensable in conducting this struggle.

November 7, 2020

Translation by Arab Revolutionaries and Greg Butterfield


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