New York: Never Again to Martial Law Rally, Sept. 20

Sunday, September 20, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT

New York City

September 21st marks the 48th anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law by late Philippine fascist dictator Ferdinand Marcos. 34 years after Marcos was overthrown by the People Power Movement, the current Duterte fascist regime has decided to mirror Marcos’ legacy with increasing state violence and oppression against the Filipino people.

Responding to the call to defend human rights and democracy, Filipinos all over the Philippines and overseas are rising up to protest Duterte’s violent rule. In the US Northeast, Malaya Movement Northeast, US Pinoys for Good Governance, Kabataan Alliance, the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines, BAYAN-USA Northeast and many others have come together to form the September 21st People Power Coalition to contribute to the growing outrage at the Duterte regime.

Join us in our protest action in front of the Philippine Consulate at 5th Avenue in NYC as our various organizations and community members commemorate and honor the lives lost during Marcos’ Martial Law and condemn the continuation of this legacy by Duterte and his cronies.

Our voices as overseas Filipinos were helpful in overthrowing the Marcos dictatorship then–we can help #OustDuterte now!!!

• WHAT: Never Again to Martial Law Rally
• WHEN: Sunday, September 20, 2020, 2pm
• WHERE: Philippine Consulate of NY, 556 5th Ave, New York, NY
• HOSTED BY: September 21st People Power Coalition

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