New York: Not Until It’s Safe Day Of Action – Monday Sept. 14th

Stop the Mayor’s Reopening Plan!

We’re just a few days into the school reopening plan negotiated by the Mayor and UFT leadership, and it’s already clear our communities are in danger. Positive cases around the city have been reported among staff, requiring colleagues to quarantine at a moment’s notice. Staff returned to buildings with sinks, windows, toilets still broken, without PPE and without adequate staffing for the hybrid model. The DOE released their ventilation reports on Labor Day, the night before staff was required to report.

We need to act. NOW. Before students come back into the building and everything gets worse.

Join our Day of Action on Monday, September 14th. 

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Using Monday as a day in which you circulate the MORE petition for full remote.
  2. Having members sign a joint letter detailing the safety problems in your school. This might be sent to elected officials or to the parents of students in your school, or can be shared (anonymously, if you need) with the MORE media team ( to post on our social media.
  3. Organize your staff to wear #redfored.  Take photos and post them on your social media with the hashtags #backtoschool2020 #notuntilitssafe.
  4. Make calls to the Mayor, Chancellor and governor demanding a remote start to the year. Here is a phone zap script you can adapt.
  5. Picket outside the school before work hours. Members at the Taft campus are already doing this. You can also join meetings from outside the school.
  6. Lunch-time walkout. If done during lunch this will not subject members to disciplinary action.
  7. Refuse to go into work in solidarity with your colleagues. This requires a high degree of membership solidarity to pull off effectively.

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