Communist Party of Donetsk on anti-racist action in the U.S.

Progressive forces around the world are watching the mass demonstrations that began in the United States after the police murder of the detained African American George Floyd. History has once again proved that bourgeois political correctness is as far from the friendship of peoples as capitalist “democracy” is from true social self-government.

On behalf of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic (KPDPR), we express solidarity with all the oppressed and exploited layers of U.S. society, regardless of nationality or color. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: “It is necessary that human rights be protected by the rule of law in order to ensure that a person is not forced to resort, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression.” From time to time, capitalism naturally creates situations in which peaceful means of struggle by the working people are ineffective. In such critical circumstances, the masses must remain conscious and organized, bearing in mind that innocent people may suffer during conflicts, and uncontrolled outbreaks of violence are fraught with danger. Socialist legality — this is the most reliable tool against the exploiters and pogromists.

Long live international anti-racist and anti-imperialist solidarity!


Central Committee of the KPDPR

Translated by Greg Butterfield


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