Borotba: Everyone to the defense of the Turkish comrades!

People arrested at Ibrahim Gökçek’s funeral in Istanbul were detained for four days. Photo: Free Grup Yorum

Struggle-La Lucha is sharing this statement from the banned Ukrainian Marxist organization Borotba (Struggle). 

May 14 — Before our eyes, we are witnessing an unequal confrontation between the Turkish state and our comrades, the communist political prisoners. This standoff began in 2016, when a state of emergency was introduced in Turkey, launching a new wave of repression against oppositionists. Its edge is aimed at those who fight for social justice — the communists. 

The opposition musicians of Grup Yorum fell into the gears of the repressive machine. The artists do not hide their political engagement and ties with the communist movement. It was for their views that dozens of left-wing activists, musicians and human rights activists were thrown behind bars. In prison, in protest against political repression, they went on a hunger strike, demanding the release of all political prisoners and that they be allowed to speak and perform publicly.

On April 3, 2020, Grup Yorum singer Helin Bölek died during the hunger strike, and left-wing activist Mustafa Koçak died on April 24. On May 7, the heart of Grup Yorum bassist Ibrahim Gökçek stopped beating. …

The Turkish state has also arrested more than a dozen lawyers from the People’s Law Office, an organization dedicated to defending the rights of political prisoners. Many of them also joined the mass hunger strike organized by the imprisoned musicians Grup Yorum.

Starving human rights defenders Aytaç Ünsal and Ebru Timtik are in serious condition.

The Turkish state does not respond in any way to the death of its opponents, continuing its repressive practices. During the recent funeral of Ibrahim Gökçek, Turkish police attacked the funeral procession, arresting more than two dozen participants, including the father of the deceased hero.

The so-called international community, including a host of human-rights organizations that shed crocodile tears at “starving” Ukrainian politicians like Oleg Sentsov and Nadiya Savchenko, turns a blind eye to the deaths in Turkish dungeons.

Borotba demands that the Turkish state release the political prisoners and stop repression against communists and other dissenters!

Everyone — to the defense of our Turkish comrades!

Translated by Greg Butterfield. Source:

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