Stop U.S. attacks on Venezuela and President Maduro!

Anti-imperialist march in Caracas defends President Maduro’s government, March 30, 2019.

The recent accusations of drug trafficking against President Nicolás Maduro and other top Venezuelan officials are utterly false. 

Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr reportedly plan to add Venezuela to the list of “state sponsors of international terrorism.” Many media reported March 26 that the United States also plans on filing drug trafficking charges against President Maduro and issuing a $15 million bounty for his arrest.

These are nothing but lies and fabrications. There is no evidence that Venezuela supports international terrorism or is involved with drug trafficking.

On the contrary, it is the U.S. that has carried out terrorist attacks against Venezuela by supporting coup attempts, attacking their electrical power grid, and through the inhumane sanctions that have prevented the people of Venezuela from getting lifesaving medications for Covid-19, diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses. 

Sanctions are a form of economic warfare and economic terrorism against a country that has never been a threat to the U.S. nor has ever done anything to harm people here.

All progressive groups and people in the U.S. should stand with Venezuela against the threat of imperialist war and all sanctions aimed against that country.

U.S. imperialism, hands off Venezuela!

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