The anti-refugee frenzy will not pass!

Far-right scum prevent refugees from disembarking on the Greek island of Lesvos.

Statement by the Communist Revolutionary Action in Greece.

For some days now, Greece is in a state of siege. Not by the refugees and immigrants who are trapped on the islands and across the Greek-Turkish border, but by the Mitsotakis regime, the state and the extreme right. Under the pretext of an alleged “asymmetric threat”, the regime is militarizing a humanitarian crisis while orchestrating an unprecedented racist mobilization with the open support of the state, imposing a state of terror, junta and apartheid from the Evros river to the islands of the Aegean. The closing of the borders and the push-back operations in the Aegean pose not simply a blatant violation of human rights, but a series of criminal and murderous acts concealed behind a non-existent threat.

Emboldened, the fascist filth set up roadblocks, stop and search cars on the island of Lesvos (committing, among others, the crime of impersonating a police officer) in order to prevent refugees from moving across the island or to simply lynch leftists, anarchists, volunteers and NGO employees. Similar gangs of cannibals prevent refugees – including women and children – from reaching the shores, throwing rocks at them and swearing at them while the coast guard have been given a clear command to repel the boats approaching Greek territorial waters. If this situation continues, the refugee camp of Moria will turn into the Warsaw Ghetto. The departure of the NGOs endangers even the daily breadline of the camp.

Throughout the land and sea borders, military exercises with real fire carried out by the Greek armed forces pose a clear warning, not directed towards the armed forces of another state, but towards unarmed people seeking asylum. Firing or covertly threatening to open fire against unarmed people is a nothing short of a war crime, especially when there is no military conflict in the region that might justify “collateral damage”. The far-right government of Athens is pandering to its electoral clientele pretending to be dealing with an “invasion” and a “breach of national territory”. This is a mere fraud, a fraud that could stand in no national or international court. The country is not under any external attack, but under a clear violation of human, individual and democratic rights perpetrated by the regime of New Democracy. In addition, the state of siege allows fascists across the country to carry out their own plan of status-in-statu terrorism with the tolerance, if not the full coverage, of the official state.

Fortress Europe cannot function without regimes like the ones of Salvini, Orban, Kurz and now Mitsotakis. The far right legitimizes its existence, and it is the golden reserve of the system and the Empire. The far-right lumpen scum defend the Empire, NATO and the EU, at the same time that its slogans are supposedly against the Germans who are «turning Greece into a storehouse of souls». Their talk about “decongestion of the islands” is nothing but a lie. What they actually mean is to have the refugees drowned in the sea. They lie when they talk about the hell that the camp of Moria is. These vermin are in favor of Dachau and Auschwitz, they hate refugees and are currently showing it without any pretense. This is nothing less than a fascist threat. The Left has nothing to do with the concerns of the cannibals. We are an entirely different world, and there is no possibility of coexistence on this planet.

The recent meeting between PM Mitsotakis and the right-wing mayors leading the anti-refugee movement in Northern Aegean concluded in an agreement. Closing of the borders and push-back operations instead of rescue operations – and the rest is left at the hands of the Greek Ku Klux Klan. The snake’s egg of fascism has long existed in the islands, and it was there even during the recent conflicts with the SWAT police – and it had no intention to help the refugees, but to make their lives unbearable until they leave the country. The «frontiersmen of the Aegean» are nothing more than cops of Fortress Europe and enforcers of the Dublin Regulation. They are the mercenary force of the EU and NATO, guarding the borders of the Empire. The government that accuses Erdogan of using the refugees as a tool is trying to hide its own hideous plan, which is to foment a state of war against Turkey through an unprecedented military operation at the borders combined with an aggressive stance across the eastern Mediterranean – backed, of course, by NATO and the Empire. If an offensive geopolitical design exists in this crisis, this design wholly belongs to the Greek state that is trying to present itself not as the perpetrator that it is, but as a… damsel in distress.

The class movement, the Left, the anti-fascist forces, every democratic citizen must mobilize here and now to stop the racist delirium of the Athens regime together with the cowardly far-right gangbangers who are terrorizing militants as well as women and children.

Down with Fortress Europe and the barbed wires at the border! Abolish the EU-Turkey Treaty!

Asylum for refugees, residence permits for immigrants!

Hosting of migrants in open facilities (that is, facilities from in they may enter and exit freely), right to work, access to healthcare and education, free movement throughout the country!

Down with the discrimination against refugees and immigrants!

No tolerance for the fascist gangs, the far-right mob and the regime of Athens that is encouraging them!

All out on Thursday, March 5, 18:30 at Propylae – march to the parliament!

Communist Revolutionary Action ★ Avantgarde

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