‘What do we want? Justice! Boycott Wendy’s!’

SLL photo: Anne Pruden

New York, Nov. 18 — Hundreds of Immokalee farmworkers and supporters took over the block outside Wendy’s headquarters this afternoon. Inside the upscale Manhattan offices at 280 Park Avenue were several of Wendy’s board of directors.

The fast food giant refuses to pay the workers that pick their tomatoes a penny more per pound.  

Showing a colorful display of signs, flags and banners, this very multinational and youth-led rally had speakers and music. They exposed the Wendy’s bosses for refusing to support human rights protections for Florida farmworkers who harvest tomatoes. 

Wendy’s management refuses to agree to worker-led monitoring that has ended sexual harassment, forced labor and other longlasting abusive violations.

Militant supporters chanted, “Down, down, exploitation! Up, up, fair food nation!” at this lively, bilingual rally. Religious leaders voiced support.

Hundreds stepped into the streets. Marching for blocks, the Immokalee worker-led protest drew more support.

New York is a union town and should stand strong against the Wendy’s bosses. Until they comply with the fair food program, “Boycott Wendy’s!” is the message of the day.

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