The Social Evolution of Humanity: Marx and Engels were right!

New by Bob McCubbin

This study of the evolution of humanity focuses on human social/sexual relations and, in particular, the changing social status of women.

It offers a selection of scientific evidence that updates and augment the viewpoint expressed in Frederick Engels’ masterful work, “Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.”

Sometime in the early 1970s, Bob McCubbin read Frederick Engels’ “Origin.” What an amazing book! Women had not always been oppressed. In fact, they had played important, even crucial roles in the advancement of our species over hundreds of thousands of years. McCubbin had found a new reason to hate capitalism. It was the overthrow of early communal society’s mother-right and the division of society into classes or rich and poor, that had brought about the oppression of women worldwide.

McCubbin is the author of “Roots of Lesbian and Gay Oppression: A Marxist View.” First published in 1976, during the first flush of the modern LGBTQ2S movement, McCubbin’s unparalleled achievement was to offer a historical analysis of when, where, why and how LGBTQ2S oppression developed.

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