Donetsk women: ‘The whole world is with Bolivia’

Photo: Aurora

Struggle-La Lucha received the following statement from the Aurora Women’s Club in Donetsk, capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic, which along with its sister republic of Lugansk has been resisting the far-right regime in Ukraine and U.S imperialism for more than five years.

“We express solidarity with all women who uphold the freedom and independence of Bolivia, with representatives of Indigenous peoples who are fighting against ultraright racists, with all Bolivian workers who do not want the dark times of the tyranny of capitalists and the oligarchy to return.

“The far-right are the main enemies of all the exploited and oppressed. No matter what beautiful words they say about democracy, no matter how they hide behind them, they will not hide their essence from us. All they want is to return unlimited power to the exploiters in Bolivia, make the country dependent on the United States, and take away freedom from women and Indigenous peoples. In the world of the future there is no place for fascism and imperialism.

“The whole world is with Bolivia!”

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