Stand with Okinawa NY Action Oct. 22: Save the Sea, No New Base in Henoko

Hosted by Stand With Okinawa

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

At the stairs of NY Public Library on 5th Ave. between 40 & 42 Sts, NYC

From October 21 to 25 in Okinawa a series of non-violent intensive protest actions are being called for focusing on the piers of Awa and Shiokawa, where the dirt and sand transported by dump trucks are loaded on the ships to be delivered to the reclamation site.

In solidarity with Okinawa, Stand with Okinawa NY invites you for a vigil to advocate and raise awareness about the indigenous/human rights, rights for self-determination and ecological justice, which have been violated by both U.S. and Japanese governments in Okinawa.
Based on the belief that military bases can only bring menace and victimization of war, the people of Okinawa have consistently opposed to the construction of a new US military base in Henoko, and demanded the immediate return of MCAS Futenma airfield, known as “the most dangerous base in the world.”

However, despite the people’s persistent protests at the Camp Shcwab Gate, at the piers and at sea, as well as the referendum held in February, in which more than 70 % voted no to the landfill work in Henoko, the Japanese government has ignored the people’s will and kept using all their power at its disposal to defeat Okinawa.

The beautiful sea of Henoko/Oura Bay, which provides a rich marine ecosystem for 5,800 species, including 262 endangered ones, is being threatened by the ongoing landfill reclamation for the construction.

Although the area of Okinawa is only 0.6 % of the whole of Japan, more than 70 % of the U.S. military bases in Japan are concentrated in Okinawa.

Together we celebrate the dignity of the descendants of Ryukyu Kingdom, which was forcibly merged by Japan in 1879, with music and dances.

Come to join us.

*In case of rain, we’ll move to the Grand Central Station.
**This event is hosted by Stand With Okinawa NY

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