Day for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America

This Sept. 28 is the day for the Decriminalization of Abortion in Latin America, and as the Women’s International Democratic Federation, we join all the organizations of the world in one voice demanding legal, free and safe abortions for all women.

Unsafe abortion is one of the five leading causes of maternal mortality–along with hemorrhages, infections, high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia) and obstructed childbirth–and it is also the only one of the five that is almost totally preventable.

It is estimated that each year at least 22,000 adult and young women die from unsafe abortions, 97 percent of them in Africa, Latin America and South and West Asia.  In addition, 7 million women have to be hospitalized every year for complications after undergoing such practices at the hands of staff without the necessary qualifications and in settings without the minimum medical standards.

Globally, 29 countries prohibit abortion completely. El Salvador, Honduras, Aruba,

the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Nicaragua are the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean where laws do not allow abortion under any circumstances, even when the woman’s life or health is at risk.

We demand the right to health and sexual education, to personal integrity, to a private life, not to be subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment, to social security and assistance, to decent employment, and to the protection of our sexual and reproductive rights.

On Sept. 28, women demand our right to decide, for a legal, free and safe abortion!

Presidency, Women’s International Democratic Federation/Federación Democrática Internacional de Mujeres (WIDF/FDIM)

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