Bolton the bigot

Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, is not only a dangerous warmongering liar who wants to invade Venezuela, bomb Iran and overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

He’s also a first-class bigot who was chair of the Gatestone Institute, an anti-Muslim think tank. One of his publications there was “The Legal Case for Striking North Korea First.”  Preemptive war is a war crime.

Bolton even wrote a forward to a book by the notorious Islamophobe Pamela Gellar, who fought against a mosque being established in lower Manhattan.

In 2018, the Gatestone Institute published “Tyranny of Shaming, American Race Wars as Seen by an Immigrant.” The book claims, “That many Democrats seem to be planning ‘fundamentally to change America’ by making white people the minority and replacing them with immigrants — both legal and illegal — is no longer a secret.”

This is the stuff of fascism. Remember, it was Nazis and Klansmen who chanted, “They shall not replace us!” in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017.

Bolton appointed Fred Fleitz as his chief of staff at the National Security Council. Fleitz, who served in this position from April to October in 2018, had been a “senior fellow” at the Center for Security Policy. This outfit — run by the anti-Muslim bigot Frank Gaffney — was called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Opposed civil rights laws

Bolton started his career of hate early. As a 13-year-old he was admitted to the private McDonogh School in Owings Mill, Md., just outside Baltimore.

The school is named after the slavemaster John McDonogh. It didn’t have any African-American students until 1959.

Bolton is proud that he was head of Students for Goldwater at McDonough when he was 15 years old.

Maryland was then a thoroughly segregated state. Black customers couldn’t shop at Baltimore’s department stores or watch movies in downtown theaters.

Black and white protesters fought this apartheid. Three hundred people were arrested at the old Gwynn Oak amusement park on July 4, 1963, just seven miles from the McDonough School.

John Bolton wasn’t one of them. Being for Barry Goldwater in Maryland meant first and foremost being against any civil rights laws that would make this apartheid illegal.  

Bolton later interned with Vice President Spiro Agnew. Nixon picked Agnew to be his running mate in order to appeal to racist supporters of George Wallace.

So it’s no wonder that Bolton met with Kallie Kriel and his sidekick Ernst Roets. Trump’s National Security Adviser met with the two white farmers from South Africa who are screaming “White genocide!” —- a lie repeated by Fox News — because Africans are reclaiming some of the land that was stolen from them.

Kriel declared that he doesn’t “think apartheid was a crime against humanity.”

What does John Bolton think?

John Bolton with the two white fascists from South Africa.

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