Links – May 31, 2019

Gig economy workers are struggling financially Vox Women’s Fertility App Is Secretly Funded by Anti-Abortion Activists, Says Report Daily Beast Great Lakes are rapidly warming, likely to trigger more flooding and extreme weather CBC Black […]

LGBTQ2S liberation

Free Chelsea Manning!

Just seven days after her release, heroic transgender activist and military whistleblower Chelsea Manning was jailed again on May 15 in Virginia for refusing to testify before a second grand jury in the WikiLeaks case. […]


Links – May 30, 2019

Google’s Reliance on Temps and Contractors Creates Unfair ‘Caste System’ Truthdig Venezuela The human cost of America’s “economic war” in Venezuela New Statesman Honduran teachers and doctors continue anti-privatization strike Radio Havana Cuba Beer Transnationals […]


Links – May 29, 2019

Iran How Jimmy Carter Laid the Groundwork for Trump to Go to War With Iran Washington Monthly Iran Economic Sanctions Kill as Effectively as Bombs Internationalist 360° The Bolivarian Revolution and the Warmongering “Pacifists” Investig’action […]