Greetings to ‘Unity for Socialism and Revolution’ conference

Revista Opera — Brazil

Dear comrades at the Unity for Socialism and  Revolution conference:

We received with joy and contentment the news that such a conference would take place this March 16 in Los Angeles. As you comrades know, Latin America today is a central theater of anti-imperialist struggle. The realignment of governments in the region, most of which were progressive Social-Democrats, was unprecedented. In Argentina, the progressive government of Cristina Kirchner was replaced by the neoliberal Mauricio Macri. In Ecuador, Rafael Correa’s successor, Lenín Moreno, proved to be a traitor. In Colombia, a bastion of the empire in our continent, right-wing Juan Manuel Santos, responsible for the peace agreement that demobilized the FARC, was replaced by Iván Duque Márquez, an ultrarightist linked to the former terrorist president Álvaro Uribe. In Peru, Ollanta Humala was replaced by Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, and in Paraguay, by means of a coup, Fernando Lugo was overthrown and replaced by Horacio Cartes.

Venezuela and Brazil are important stages of this theater of war, both because of their size and natural resources, and because they are the two countries in Latin America in which China has invested most. In Brazil, a parliamentary coup has ensured the end of the so-called “progressive cycle.” Michel Temer, in truth a bandit, was taken into power temporarily, and his successor, as everyone knows, is the protofascist Jair Bolsonaro. Here, we do not believe that this will be the scenario for a long time, because the military, millenarian guarantors of the order of the powerful, are too close to power. It will not take long for them to take it upon themselves, and in this process, it will become much harder to fight them. Unlike Brazil, however, in Venezuela we should not carry the task of overthrowing a government, but rather of assuring it against attempts to overthrow it. That will already guarantee us a stronger hand in Brazil, a stronger hand in Peru, a stronger hand in Colombia … and a stronger hand in the United States.

And, unlike the powerful, we are fortunate to have true friends, not just partners. Each defeat imposed on imperialism in Brazil is a defeat imposed on capitalism in the United States. Each defeat imposed on capitalism in the United States also translates into a defeat to imperialism in Brazil. We are brothers of soul, brothers of morals, brothers of destiny and, if necessary, brothers in arms.

Long live to the alliance of all peoples of the world!

Death to imperialism!

Our day will come!

Pedro Marin – Revista Opera (Opera Magazine)

Aurora Women’s Club and Komsomol of Donbass

Dear comrades!

We know how important this conference is for you. This is another step towards our common victory over capitalism and other ugly phenomena, which it reinforces and reproduces.

You live in the very capitalist country that is trying to subdue the whole world. Your struggle is a manifestation of great courage, because you, living in the U.S., are not afraid to challenge this imperialist state. You are not afraid to fight against the lies of the world’s biggest media, which spread distorted and often false information around the world. You are not afraid to speak out against U.S. imperialist aggression against Venezuela. And today, imperialist aggression is one of the central issues to be discussed.

For us Communists of Donbass, the problem of imperialism is one of the most important. This year, the Donetsk People’s Republic is five years old. Our republic has appeared largely thanks to communists. These are five years of struggle for our freedom. These are five years of the war of Ukraine against the workers of Donbass. In 2014, we were not afraid to say “no” to a coup d’état in Ukraine. Our goal now is to strengthen the communist movement here.

In 2014, Ukraine finally lost its independence and turned into a toy in the hands of the largest imperialists. We are witnessing with excitement how the working people of Venezuela defend their independence and defend the Bolivarian Revolution. At this time, we all must express our solidarity with their struggle.

We are grateful that you never forget about our struggle and spread information about the crimes of the Ukrainian state against the workers of Donbass. It is very important that during the period of reaction you are not silent about the strengthening of the ultraright in the U.S., discrimination against Black and Indigenous peoples, migrants, women and other oppressed groups.

Now the communists need unity more than ever before. We stand in solidarity with the struggle of the working class anywhere in the world. Each of your victories is our common victory.

We wish you a very fruitful conference today. We believe that the united struggle of the left can stop U.S. imperialism. Successes, strength and inspiration in your difficult struggle

With solidarity,

Aurora Women’s Club
Leninist Union of Communist Youth (Komsomol) of Donbass

Union Borotba (Struggle) — Ukraine

Comrades in the U.S., the whole world is watching you!

Dear comrades! Sisters and brothers!

The world is on the verge of great changes! The world imperialist system has reached a dead end. It is torn apart by contradictions that cannot be solved within the framework of capitalism.

The whole world feels the burden of the chains of exploitation. People are dying in factories — because the bourgeoisie saves on safety measures. People are dying during flights — because the bourgeoisie saves on fuel for maneuver. People are dying of drought — because the bourgeoisie makes profits from clean drinking water. There are thousands of such examples all over the planet.

Today, all the peoples of the world have a common misfortune — the pursuit of profit.

The contradictions that exist between the oligarchic groups push the world towards new wars.

Under these conditions, the responsibility of the working class in the U.S. is very great, since the United States is at the center of the world imperialist system, controls the issuing of global currency and manages many political processes in favor of the large capitalists.

We are glad that the U.S. communists have begun to raise their heads. We are grateful for your solidarity and practical help in our struggle! We are proud that we have friends like YOU!

The All-Ukrainian Union Borotba (Struggle) greets all the delegates to the conference and sends greetings from the workers of Donbass, from the anti-fascists of Odessa, from imprisoned communists of Kharkov and Kiev!

We are confident that today’s meeting will be the first step towards building a powerful communist structure capable of breaking the back of such a dangerous enemy as the U.S. bourgeoisie.

Know that the whole world is watching the communists of the U.S.!

Know that for the people of the United States, there is no one to liberate you except you!

Know that you have friends and comrades around the world, and in Ukraine too!

We wish you victory!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Red salute, fraternal workers!

Union Borotba

United Communist Party of Russia

Dear comrades!

The Central Committee of the United Communist Party welcomes your conference and wishes you successful work, and that the movement of U.S. communists and leftists, formed by you, is able to succeed in the fight for the future of human rights, for the rights of U.S. workers, for the unity of the progressive forces of the United States, for social progress against our common enemy — world capitalism and imperialism!

The United Communist Party enthusiastically perceives the clearly outlined tendency toward the left in U.S. society. The impressive rise in popularity of the spokesman for leftist views in the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, the desire of the scattered detachments of the U.S. communist movement to unite, the growing number of anti-government actions directed against the imperialist policies of the U.S. administration — all this inspires hopes that society will be forced to reckon with the opinion of the progressive forces who do not profit from war and blood. We would like to hope that these changes in the public consciousness are not the result of primitive “anti-Trumpism”, but evidence of society’s understanding of the laws of the historical process, the anti-people and reactionary essence of imperialism.

Your conference has set noble goals — uniting the left-wing, progressive groups of U.S. society on a single platform, and is taking place in the days of the next global political crisis associated with the attack of U.S. imperialist circles on sovereign Venezuela, as well as with the U.S. administration’s attack on the other countries of the Western Hemisphere that chose the alternative to the Euro-Atlantic mainstream. The United Communist Party expresses its full support and our desire to further strengthen friendly relations.

On behalf of the Central Committee,

Darya Mitina
Secretary of the Central Committee, United Communist Party

Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic

Dear comrades! On behalf of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic, we warmly greet you. We are sincerely glad to be once again assured that the U.S. workers oppose the imperialist policy of the Trump administration and are ready to stand up for the socialist achievements in Venezuela. The masses of Donbass and the United States have common interests in the struggle against exploitation and oppression. Proletarian internationalism is our response to the global ambitions of capital.

Forward under the banner of Marxism!

With best regards,

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic


No Pasarán Hamburg, Germany


We wish to extend our solidarity to all those assembled in Los Angeles and to all those the world over engaged in the anti-imperialist struggle.

The battle against the rising tide of fascism is the duty of all those [who] sit comfortably in the imperial core. We in Hamburg endeavour and struggle to continue to organise demonstrations and actions against the far-right: the neo-Nazi government in Kiev, handed power through a putsch supported by the Obama administration and NATO; the apartheid state in Israel, which besieges Palestinians confined to open-air prisons; the German police, who in 2005 arrested and murdered asylum seeker Oury Jalloh, the family and friends of whom are still purposefully denied justice by the state; and just as it was nearly 20 years ago in Yugoslavia, the U.S.- and European-backed coup in Venezuela.

Here in Hamburg and across Germany, anti-imperialists are in the absolute minority. A significant portion of the so-called Left in Germany wave Israel flags and serve as the stormtroopers of imperialism.

In spite of it all, from the heart of the European imperialist beast we say to those in Donbass and Catalonia; in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela; in India and the Philippines; to those mass movements around the globe who fight for self-determination and who carry the banner of anti-imperialism: solidarity forever!

No Pasarán Hamburg

Anti-imperialist Action – Germany

On behalf of Anti-imperialist Action from Germany, I want to address greetings to you and your conference. Let us anti-imperialists stay globally strong for the independence of Venezuela, as well as for the Syrian Arab Republic, the Donbass People’s Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk  — and last but not least, the Republic of Abkhazia.

With solidarity and an appeal for worldwide unity,


Andreas Wisuschil
Anti-imperialist Action in Germany

Berlin Alliance Hands off Venezuela

To the March 16 public conference in Los Angeles,“Unity for Socialism and Revolution”:

Greetings from the members of “Berliner Bündnis Hände weg von Venezuela” (Berlin Alliance Hands off Venezuela). Since the end of February, we have held a weekly demonstration against the intervention against Venezuela.

Because the time is short, we can only greet you with a video of one of our pickets at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Together we will win! ¡No Pasarán!

Maren Cronsnest
Berlin, Germany

Lugansk Communists

We sincerely greet our comrades, active fighters against capitalism for the bright future of all mankind, for COMMUNISM!

Galina Tischenko
Lugansk Communists

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