Baltimore: Shut Down Trump Not Workers Rally & Protest

Saturday, January 26, 2019 at 1 PM – 2:30 PM
McKeldin Square, Light & Pratt Streets, downtown Baltimore

RALLY & PROTEST – 1 PM @ McKeldin Square,

The real emergency is not at the border but with the over 800,000 + government workers who are endangered by Trump’s shut down. It’s poor and working class communities, not just in Baltimore, Maryland and D.C. but everywhere who could lose life and death assistance — from food stamps to housing. It’s with the refugee families and children forced to flee their homes because of imperialism who are living a real emergency — not the banks and businesses who benefit from Trump’s policies.

State and local officials need to enact immediate legislation that can protect impacted workers, seniors and the poor:

*Stop all evictions, mortgage foreclosures, utility shut offs and repossessions during the government lock out.
*Take action to open up all food banks and begin food distributions.
*Working without pay, is a violation of human rights – we say no pay, no work.
*No reprisals to workers who refuse to work without pay or who cannot keep up with work loads or are forced to call out sick due to unbearable stress.
*Back pay and relief for contract workers.

It’s time we begin a “yellow vest” movement in the U.S. Join us for Solidarity Saturday’s!

If you have a vest please bring it with you on Saturday, January 26. Volunteer to get out information to workers and communities who are impacted.

Initiated by: Peoples Power Assembly for more information call 410-218-4835 . If you would like to endorse please text us at 410-218-4835.

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