Our guidelines:

Friends of Socialist Unity Party

We invite you to join the Struggle-La Lucha and Socialist Unity Party Friends and Supporters Program.

Our friends’ program is the most effective way of becoming more familiar with what we stand for politically, what we do, and how we function. Through this program, you can become a part of the struggle to build a revolutionary movement in this country.

It is an opportunity for the Socialist Unity Party to get to know you better as we work together to build the movement for socialism.

It can be a step in becoming a candidate member of the Socialist Unity Party.  

To be a friend

What we expect of you:

  • Distribute Struggle-La Lucha, either online or hard copies; 
  • Pledge monthly (no amount is too small) to help with the costs of our publications;
  • Let us know what is happening in your city, town or state and how we can help you continue and develop activity in your location.

What you can expect from us:

  • We will be in touch at least once a month and available for consultations;
  • You will be able to access our political discussion classes;
  • You will receive new publications;
  • You will receive an invitation to activities, both in-person and virtual;
  • We will give assistance with organizing based on your unique situation.