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We all know that something is deadly wrong with this system. Capitalism is failing to meet the basic needs for human survival. If you’re a member of the working class, you don’t need a lecture from us telling you what you already know — especially if you’re Black, Brown, an im/migrant, a woman or LGBTQ+.

It would be good to know who allows this system to continue to cause massive death and poverty on the continent of Africa, in Yemen, Haiti and Puerto Rico, or to sabotage the economic welfare and threaten war against the people of Latin America. Why do the Democratic and Republican parties, both owned by the financial and industrial monopolies, enable this system to continue denying your parents, your neighbors and your children the right to live without the fear of hunger, homelessness, sickness or the terrorism of racist police? And what is the most effective way to fight back?

Any organization that aspires to make revolutionary change in this country must not only answer those questions but help communicate those answers to our entire working class.

And in building up the consciousness and independence of the working class, an organization worth joining must also actively help build unity among our class and among our progressive organizations, especially solidarity with the oppressed peoples most acutely affected by this racist capitalist system of war and poverty.

The Socialist Unity Party/Partido de Socialismo Unido is serious about making revolutionary change. That’s why we use the well-tested science of social change, Marxism, to clarify what’s needed in society. It’s this science that helps us realize the overwhelming power of our class to take the reins of production, putting us, the majority, the poor, the unemployed, the gig workers — you and I, not the billionaires and the 1% — in charge of our lives.

It’s no accident that the countries building socialism are the ones that have already stopped the rising tide of COVID-19 infections and are actively helping other countries fight the virus. They can do that because their production is not controlled by the rich, but by their respective working classes. That’s what we need.

But we’re not just about understanding the science of society. As Marx said, the point is to change it. That’s why you’ll find us in the streets from coast to coast, organizing marches, hosting car caravans, joining our communities in protest, holding educational webinars and meetings, and spreading the word with our publication, Struggle-La Lucha. But with your help, we can accomplish so much more.

So, if you’re looking for a socialist group that is working towards building a revolutionary, united working-class movement in this society, then this is the organization for you.

Fill out the form and let us know when we can reach out to you. Thanks for your interest in our Party.

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