Three days in Rome for Leonard Peltier

June 10 is an important date for Leonard Peltier and for all the committees calling for his release. A committee in the U.S. may decide on house arrest because of his health condition; Leonard is almost 80 years old and sick.

Initiatives are multiplying in different parts of the world to make the voices of all those close to him heard.

Six events took place in Rome in three days: at the Testaccio Library and Festival of Lands, at Spin Lab, at the Che Guevara Circle, at Friccicore, meetings, and especially screenings of Andrea Galafassi’s excellent documentary, “Mitakuye Oyasin.” These were small occasions not only to make his story known but also to forge relationships with comrades and companions.

Especially on Saturday, 18 May, in the morning, an important presidium was held in front of the U.S. Embassy. Several people thought it would never be allowed, but it was. The digos officers (Italian political police), on this occasion, were particularly polite and some even seemed interested in hearing the incredible story of Leonard Peltier. Many were the speeches, the slogans, the strength expressed by fifteen or so people well convinced of what they were doing.

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Source: Pressenza

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