Hamas leader: Ceasefire framework positive, but details crucial

People walk amid the rubble of buildings destroyed during Israeli bombardment in Khan Younis, on the southern Gaza Strip.

Senior Hamas leader Osama Hamdan to Al-Jazeera:

The general framework of what was stated in the Qatari-Egyptian-American statement (https://t.me/thecradlemedia/16137) is generally good, but we need to know the details of the plan.

Biden’s speech included positive ideas, but we want that to crystallize within the framework of a comprehensive agreement that achieves our demands.

It is not possible to accept the occupation forces remaining in Gaza or managing the Rafah crossing.

The Ministry of Interior in Gaza was managing the Rafah crossing before the war and will continue to manage it after the ceasefire.

The day after the war is decided by the Palestinians without dictation from any party.

We deal with any proposal that includes a ceasefire, withdrawal from Gaza, its reconstruction, a fair exchange deal, and the occupation’s commitment to that.

Source: Resistance News Network

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