Nicaragua’s Day of National Dignity marked

Organizers from Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly attend Day of National Dignity festivities at the Nicaraguan Embassy in Washington, D.C., May 4. SLL photo

Washington, D.C. – On May 4, the Embassy of Nicaragua, along with the Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition, held an event in honor of Nicaragua’s Day of National Dignity. The day celebrates General Augusto Sandino’s refusal to adhere to the Espino Negro Pact, which essentially turned over control of Nicaragua to the United States military. 

The pact stripped Nicaragua almost entirely of its sovereignty regarding diplomacy, trade, legislation, economic development—you name it. As such, Sandino refused to order his forces to surrender their weapons to the U.S., stating that Nicaragua would never surrender its sovereignty to an imperial invader. 

Ever since, Nicaragua has celebrated May 4 as a Day of National Dignity and sovereignty, recognizing that Nicaragua will never concede its governance to U.S. imperialism. 

To celebrate this day here in the U.S., Nicaragua’s embassy invited friendly organizations and activists in the Mid-Atlantic region to hear International Court of Justice Ambassador Carlos Arguello speak about the day of dignity and the current struggle against imperialism. The Baltimore Peoples Power Assembly sent a delegation. 

Arguello gave a captivating history of Sandino’s stand against imperialism and outlined Nicaragua’s current case against Germany in the International Court of Justice for its continued arming of the illegal Zionist entity known as “Israel” while it is committing genocide in Gaza. The full pleading can be read here

Long live Nicaragua! Sandino presente! Down with Zionism!

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