All eyes on Rafah: Palestinian factions urge popular mobilization to stop genocide

May 7: The actions of the “israeli” occupation forces in launching a ground assault on Rafah, occupying and destroying the Rafah crossing, and closing the “Kerem Shalom” crossing—the only outlet for the Gaza Strip—is a humanitarian disaster targeting 2.5 million Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip and poses a direct threat to more than 1.5 million displaced Palestinians, including 400,000 citizens who have fled from areas deemed safe by the occupation just yesterday, although Rafah is experiencing the largest displacement movement in modern history.

The occupation and closure of the Rafah land crossing and the “Kerem Shalom” commercial crossing, along with conducting ground military operations in Rafah, reveal the occupation’s intentions to commit massacres and a humanitarian catastrophe, by starting to cut off food, medical, and humanitarian supply lines and blocking the movement of travelers for the wounded and citizens, preventing the entry of food trucks that are insufficient even if they enter daily to meet Rafah’s needs by 5%, in addition to the remaining hospitals and health centers going out of service—meaning the assured killing of thousands of the wounded, cancer patients, women, children, and others.

This aggression is clear and premeditated to foil the efforts of mediators and challenge the will of the international and regional community, and the popular will especially after the resistance leadership, along with our factions and popular forces, agreed to a proposal to stop the aggression and exchange prisoners; which confirms the zionist government’s lack of desire to stop the aggression and achieve a prisoner exchange deal, thus threatening the negotiation process and leaving the occupation to continue the genocide against our people.

We call on the countries of the world, international institutions, and the United Nations to intervene immediately to save the lives of 2.5 million citizens threatened by murder, starvation, massacres, and genocide war in the largest humanitarian disaster the world is witnessing now.

We urge international, regional, official Arab, and Islamic popular mobilization to stop the genocide immediately and curb the occupation’s terrorism through sit-ins in squares, cities, and universities, cutting off supplies to the occupation by land, sea, and air, and holding it accountable for its crimes in international courts, as we call on the resistance in all arenas and fronts to escalate their resistance against the zionist occupation and its supporters until the aggression against our people stops.

Israeli Occupation Forces warplanes launched a wave of new airstrikes on eastern Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on May 7. Artillery continued to target the eastern region.

Source: Resistance News Network


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