New Orleans students defend encampment from violent cops

SLL photos: Gregory E. Williams

April 30, New Orleans – Students at adjacent Tulane and Loyola universities formed a joint encampment for Palestine in front of the universities on busy St. Charles Ave. This evening, as the encampment prepares for its second night, many supporters joined the students to rally. 

Yesterday, New Orleans Police on horseback joined campus police in repressing activists at the start of the encampment, arresting six. City and campus police attempted to confiscate tent materials but were forced to stand down as the united crowd encircled them. 

As of tonight, the full space of the encampment – called The Liberated Zone by the students – has been reclaimed and is being fortified with pallets and other materials. The students are not backing down. 

UPDATE: In the early hours of the morning on May 1, state, city, and campus police violently attacked the encampment. Students held firm in their resistance, even as they were rounded up and forced onto the St. Charles Avenue median. Fourteen activists were arrested. 

Currently, the front lawn of the university — where the encampment stood — has been fenced in, with cops posted up as guards. 

At noon on May 1, students joined by supporters gave a press conference in front of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department Central Lockup building, denouncing the police violence.

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