New atrocities revealed at Nasser Medical Hospital: unimaginable genocidal crimes

Palestinian health workers recover bodies from a mass grave at the Nasser Medical Hospital compound in Khan Younis, Gaza, on April 21. Nearly 300 bodies have been found so far.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) confirmed that the revelation of new atrocities committed by the occupation at Nasser Medical Hospital are genocidal crimes that exceed imagination and fall within the framework of the zionist doctrine based on committing massacres, murder, destruction, and displacement.

The Front considered the announcement of the discovery of hundreds of martyrs’ bodies in mass graves, executed in cold blood by the occupation inside the Nasser Medical Complex in southern Gaza Strip, and the documented evidence of organ theft from some bodies and the presence of headless bodies, as a reaffirmation that this occupation indulges its appetite for killing and satisfying its vengeance by committing the most horrific massacres and crimes unprecedented in history, under the shelter of the international community’s complicity, the absence of accountability and international trial, and in the shadow of the completely involved U.S., which is the main sponsor of genocidal crimes and has always been the basis and support for the occupation’s practices.

The Front added that the U.S. and its allies are fully responsible for these massacres and the horrific genocidal operations committed by the zionist entity against the Palestinian people, which have reached the extent of violating the sanctity of martyrs and stealing organs from their bodies, confirming that the false and shiny human rights slogans touted by the international community in response to the zionist genocidal war aim to divert attention from the reality of the ongoing battle and to conceal the extent of atrocities committed against the Palestinian people.

The Front called on the free people of the world and the solidarity movements with the Palestinian people to continue their daily activism to intensify pressure on relevant international institutions to pursue the leaders of the occupation, the U.S. and everyone involved in the aggression on Gaza, and to prosecute them as war criminals in international courts.

The Front concluded its statement affirming that the crimes and atrocities practiced by the zionist gangs with direct U.S. and Western support will not succeed in undermining the resilience of our people and their determination to continue clinging to their land and resistance, and our people will continue to play their combative role until this aggression is repelled and expelled from our land.

Source: Resistance News Network

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