Los Angeles: Spotlight on Puerto Rico, Developments & Challenges, April 20

Women in Struggle/Mujeres en Lucha is organizing a coast-to-coast tour: Spotlight on Puerto Rico with Berta Joubert-Ceci.

Joubert-Ceci lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was one of the convenors of the 2019 Puerto Rico International Tribunal of Colonial Crimes of the United States.

Berta has a powerful presentation with a slide show that breaks down the current crises faced by the people of Puerto Rico as they fight for sovereignty and justice in their own land. The presentation elucidates the current machinations of U.S. imperialism to maintain control and the flow of profits from Puerto Rico. Joubert-Ceci addresses the conditions and main crises facing the people of Puerto Rico. Who is to blame … and What can we do?

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