PFLP: Washington Post reveals U.S. complicity in Israel’s bombing of civilians in Gaza

Popular Front: The Washington Post’s revelation that the U.S. recognized the occupation’s bombing of civilian targets is new evidence of America’s involvement in the war of extermination

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) emphasized that the revelation by the Washington Post that “the U.S. administration admitted in a secret meeting at the White House that Israel repeatedly bombed civilian targets without making sure that they were military targets” is further evidence that this criminal administration is a major partner with the Zionist enemy and fully involved in the Zionist war of annihilation waged on the Gaza Strip.

The Front added that this confession revealed by the newspaper indicates that the U.S. administration practiced a policy of covering up, misleading, and obfuscating the occupation’s horrific and unprecedented crimes against civilians in the Gaza Strip and worked systematically to promote Zionist lies and propaganda despite the documented video and audio evidence of the devastating war, genocide and starvation crimes waged by the Zionist enemy against our people in the Gaza Strip, and within this administration’s determination to practice lies and blindly defend the Zionist entity and cover up its crimes, it foiled projects for a ceasefire in the UN Security Council and mobilized its media machine to support the war of annihilation waged against Gaza.

The Front stressed the need to investigate these American confessions as evidence of condemnation of this criminal administration and refer them to the International Court of Justice; the American administration’s bias and support for the entity with weapons and covering up its crimes amounts to war crimes.

The Front concluded its statement by emphasizing that shame will continue to follow the U.S. administration and the war criminal Biden for the crimes they committed against the Palestinian people, stressing that the opportunity is now available for free people in America to win victory for Palestine by punishing this criminal administration at the ballot box, and continuing public pressure to expose the crimes of this administration.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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