Cuba’s whole heart for Gaza

For a Free Palestine. Photo: Dunia Álvarez

It is impossible not to feel deeply the pain that Palestine is suffering today. Words can hardly be sustained without being flooded by tears, without impotence becoming the strength to raise our voices in the face of so much cruelty.

Thousands of lives have been taken and, as if that were not enough, today there is a latent threat that many more will be massacred in what has been called a final offensive.

When it seems that humanity is more committed to history, Israel, with terrifying impunity, brings back an updated version of the Holocaust.

All voices count. Photo: Dunia Álvarez

The images that travel around the world are extremely harsh. They carry within them the bitter taste of vestiges of a past that has become more absurd and inhuman.

So how can we not cry out from the depths of our hearts, how can we not demand from those who believe they have the right to snatch dreams, the imminent peace for the Palestinian people?

From this side of the earth, where a society is built with all and for all, where the life of every human being matters, from this Cuba that earned with its own merit the right to dream and be happy, we demand the cessation of genocide against the Palestinian population.

“Palestine deserves to live in peace, the world deserves peace to live.”

Photo: Dunia Álvarez
Photo: Dunia Álvarez
Cuba raised its voice for Palestine. Photo: Dunia Álvarez

Source: Granma

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