Read ‘Exploring the Police State’

Delency Parham, a resident of Oakland, California, with a family history deeply rooted in the community going back to the Great Migration, has written a powerful document titled “Exploring the Police State: A Briefing on Crime, Fascism, and Community in Oakland.”

This briefing takes us from the Black Lives Matter movement through the racist backlash that followed, up to the current crisis of police brutality, homelessness, mass incarceration, and the toxic environment. Parham lays the groundwork with a history of the people’s struggle. 

Parham’s vision for his town has an international scope, given that fighting racist oppression can’t only be done on our own turf.

The document rings with confidence in people’s ability to work together to fight for the just and equitable society that they deserve. It’s a well-resourced and referenced guide that cuts through the capitalist propaganda that drives inequality and police occupation. 

Read Parham’s work here:


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