Honor Aaron Bushnell, free Palestine!

Statement of Peace and Freedom Party congressional candidate John Parker.

U.S. Air Force soldier Aaron Bushnell self-immolated on Feb. 25 in Washington, D.C., to protest the U.S.-Israeli war on Gaza. He did so in front of the embassy of the apartheid state that occupies Palestine.

“I wish someone as courageous, honorable and human as Aaron Bushnell did not have to die. The tragedy we’re seeing in Gaza is a horror that is so painful for the world that many in solidarity will do all they can to make it stop,” announced John Parker, socialist candidate in California’s 37th Congressional district.

“Aaron Bushnell was so frustrated by this genocide that he felt the only way to make it stop was to take his own life while wearing his uniform, to make the world pay attention to U.S. complicity in Israel’s crimes. He felt so deeply about the more than 10,000 children murdered by U.S.-made bombs and shells,” Parker explained.

“Joe Biden’s $14 billion assistance to further Israel’s genocide increases his war crimes and the complicity of the United States, as was clarified in the International Court of Justice decision in the case brought by the South African government. 

“That money adds on to the trillions already stolen from the wealth that we working people create, and leaves no room for basic necessities that we need here, leaving us with nothing but poverty, war and genocide. So Biden is not welcome here in South Central Los Angeles,” said Parker.

“Aaron Bushnell’s commitment to stop the killing in Palestine makes the upcoming March 2 demonstration at Los Angeles City Hall all the more important,” said the socialist candidate. “Join me at City Hall starting at 1 p.m. to stop the U.S.-Israeli war on Gaza. Palestine will win!”

John Thompson Parker is a member of the Socialist Unity Party who has helped organize many demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine. He’s running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket in the March 5 primary in the 37th Congressional district, which includes South Central Los Angeles and much of Culver City and Inglewood. Early voting has already begun.


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