John Parker to Genocide Joe: People of the world say no to war!

On Feb. 2 and 3, the U.S. bombed alleged Iran-linked targets in Syria and Iraq. U.S. authorities say this was in retaliation for the attack that killed three U.S. soldiers in Jordan on Jan. 28. The attacks represent a further escalation in U.S. military action in the region amid its strikes in Yemen. 

John Parker, socialist congressional candidate for California’s 37th district, demands the White House and Congress end all wars and war provocations. 

“The same way the overwhelming majority of the world stands with Palestine, so do they oppose war,” said John Parker. “U.S.-led wars serve only the interests of the billionaires and war profiteers, offering the people nothing but pain, death, and suffering.” 

To this day, the U.S. has not formally ended its 74-year war on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, nor its political and military occupation of the Korean peninsula. Yet the West’s corporate media rattles sabers whenever People’s Korea demonstrates its ability to defend itself. Ostensibly, only the U.S.’s biggest aircraft carrier, “Israel,” has the right to self-defense.

Parker mourns the death of the three Black soldiers killed in the Jordan attack. At the same time, their deaths are an indictment of U.S. imperialism and white supremacy. 

“Black, Brown, and poor working class people will always bear the brunt of the ruling class’s wars,” John reminds us. “Another war puts the most marginalized and exploited people in the line of fire. The ruling class can thank their poverty draft for that.”

Parker declared: “Whether or not I am elected, I am calling on all peace-loving people to unite and build a mass movement strong enough to topple imperialism. It is the only way to truly stop the genocide in Gaza and to end the occupation of Palestine.” 

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