Cuban leader calls for unity of anti-imperialist forces to support Palestine Resistance

‘If we save Palestine, there will be a future for the world’

Mariela Castro Espín is deputy of Cuba’s National Assembly of Popular Power and director of the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX).

Speech by Mariela Castro at the II International Meeting of Europe for Cuba

Good morning.

First of all, I would like to thank comrade José Antonio Toledo and the team in charge of organizing the II International Meeting of the Europe for Cuba Channel, which is being held these days in the city of Bilbao, in the Basque Country.

I would like to highlight the symbolic impact of holding this meeting within the framework of several important historical celebrations, the 171st anniversary of the birth of the apostle of Cuban independence, José Martí, because of the validity of his thought and for what it means in the historical continuity of the emancipation project, initiated in 1868; and that after sixty years of the neocolonial US occupation, the full sovereignty of Cuba was achieved with the revolutionary victory of 1959, led by Fidel.

In spite of so many difficulties, it satisfies our hopes to be able to verify that 65 years after that epic, the liberating, popular, anticolonial, Third Worldism, socialist and anti-imperialist character of our revolutionary project has been strengthened, which considers respect for the full dignity of man as one of its fundamental pillars; which proposes to conquer all justice, equality before the law, social equity, solidarity and unity in the struggle to face the challenges of the process of socialist transition.

History has shown that all revolutionary processes that confront the power of the national oligarchies and the interests of the imperialist conglomerate have been the object of the most cruel and sophisticated strategies of aggression. Every liberating social project must study the lessons learned from the first socialist revolution in history, led by Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, Lenin. In the centenary of his death, he continues to be an indispensable reference for the organization of the revolutionary struggle against capitalism, including the processes of decolonization and decolonization of peoples. It must be clear to us that we can never abandon the ethical principles that guide the strategies and tactics of socialist experimentation. Even in the face of the tremendous obstacles and contradictions that, in each concrete historical context, impose themselves as challenges.

Lenin, as well as Fidel and so many other revolutionary leaders, in all continents, made very valuable contributions that we must study in depth and apply in a creative and rigorous manner. We must strengthen the spaces for popular dialogue and consensus building in the unique national projects of revolutionary transformation aimed at the creation of mechanisms of true democracy.

Cuba faces colossal campaigns of economic, financial, commercial, ideological, cultural and communicational aggression. The enemies of the Cuban Revolution believe, once again, that this is the moment to undertake a final offensive to achieve our destruction. Trump’s genocidal policy and Biden’s continuism, combined with the consequences of the post-pandemic world economic crisis, have created a very difficult economic scenario. The arrogance of the empire and its acolytes pretend to ignore the histories of resistance of the oppressed and threatened peoples. In the face of the traitors and cowards, a history is built with the courage of women and men willing to give everything. “He who defends his homeland longs to defend it. Neither in blood nor in obstacles repairs…” said José Martí in the epic poem “Abdala.” “Fatherland or death, we will win” is not only a slogan; it is a conviction that runs through the veins that mobilize and unite several generations of our people when it comes to defending the Revolution.

Today, the unity of the revolutionary forces continues to be the backbone of our resistance. Unity is the most effective weapon against the aggressions of imperialism. The international solidarity of the revolutionary forces, in the present context where hegemonic imperialism since World War II sees its unjust order threatened, is an essential part of that unity that we owe in our struggle for a better world. Only this global unity of the revolutionary forces will be able to stop the advance of fascism, Zionism, xenophobia, racism, and the recolonization of our people.

Today, the defense of all emancipatory and anti-imperialist projects is a priority. And this unity and world mobilization, as rarely before, has been manifested in recent months to denounce and combat the genocide committed against Palestine by the Zionists, with the absolute backing of the U.S. and the complicity of the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The Palestinian resistance demonstrates the weaknesses of imperialism and Zionism, they are giving lessons to the world and have managed to awaken the conscience of the peoples. As never before, they achieved the unity of the insurgent forces in a strategy that encompasses all the fronts of struggle, including the communicational, but with an extraordinary human cost of sacrifice that hurts in the deepest. It is the price paid by all the peoples of the world for defending their independence and the right to self-determination. The cause of Palestine is the cause of all humanity. If we save Palestine, there will be a future for the world.

The people of Cuba, firm and in solidarity, gratefully embrace the solidarity it receives from other peoples, for the unceasing struggle against the arbitrary and illegal blockade imposed unilaterally by the U.S. government for more than six decades, for the sustained efforts to have Cuba removed from the infamous list of countries sponsoring terrorism, whose document has been drawn up by none other than the U.S., the most terrorist and aggressive country in history; for fighting the media war of the hegemonic press at the service of imperialism, full of insolent lies to numb the conscience of the peoples and annul critical thinking.

I welcome the reissue in Havana of Operation Truth to articulate the efforts of journalism and communication in an emancipatory key and defend the truths that they try to kidnap and distort.

I also welcome South Africa’s initiative to accuse Israel of genocide before the International Court of Justice. An initiative supported by Cuba and other States.

I would like to emphasize the admiration I feel for the different forces of the Axis of Resistance that are confronting imperialist aggressions, devoting their lives to the Palestinian cause and in support of their heroic resistance. I will not name them all, but I cannot fail to highlight the honorable role of the Yemeni Houthis.

At this moment, I ask that we do not forget Julian Assange and that we do not weaken the necessary efforts until we achieve his full freedom. In this same line of confronting the communicational war and fighting for the truth, I want to remind you that our dear comrade José Manzaneda will soon face a trial, accused by one of the most active organizations of the counterrevolution. Let us not allow another of our brave compatriots to be unjustly penalized. I urge all comrades participating in this meeting to express their commitment to Assange, Manzaneda, along with other journalists, artists, activists, politicians and intellectuals who suffer similar processes.

For the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist unity of peoples

For Socialism

For world peace

Homeland or death, we will win!

Source: Cuba en Resumen


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