Classes: War & Lenin in the 21st Century

War & Lenin in the 21st Century

Join Struggle-La Lucha for Socialism for classes on the new book

“War and Lenin in the 21st Century,” which includes Lenin’s “Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism”.

Our study group begins on Sunday, Feb. 4,

6 pm East Coast, 5 pm Central, 4 pm Mountain, 3 pm West Coast

  • Our first class is an introduction to the classes by the book’s author, Gary Wilson.
  • Followed by three discussion groups on consecutive Sundays at the same time period with assigned reading from the book.

What are the key features of imperialism that Lenin describes?

Does Lenin’s analysis of imperialism hold up today?

What does this mean for today’s struggles against wars and occupation?

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You can obtain the book (kindle or paperback) on Amazon: “War and Lenin in the 21st Century.”

War and Lenin in the 21st Century

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