Palestinians vow ‘We Will Remain’ as resistance stands firm

Millions march worldwide, unions act in solidarity

The Palestinian uprising on Oct. 7 occurred after 75 years of brutal colonial occupation. Palestinian leader Leila Khaled says: ”Liberation is not achieved at the negotiation table.” 

Palestinian leaders have been continuously negotiating, during which time the Zionist arrests of Palestinians increased, as have Zionist settlements, with the confiscation of Palestinian land and the demolition of their homes, murdering and maiming many in the process. Palestinians were imprisoned in their own occupied territory through the Israel checkpoints.

Even before October, the Zionist entity was engaged in conducting a system of apartheid in Palestine, where the original people were denied their right to survival.

Since October, in over 100 days of bombing, Israel has killed nearly 25,000 Gazans, nearly 10,000 of them children. The Zionist goal appears to be the complete extermination of the Palestinian people. The Biden administration has assisted with billions of dollars of U.S.-manufactured weapons. U.S. weapons, including 2,000-pound bombs, are falling on homes and apartment blocks, murdering children, women, men, the elderly, and the youth.

Palestinians are ordered to evacuate their homes. Then, the refugee caravans and camps are bombed mercilessly. Hospitals and UN relief centers are targeted. Access to food and drinking water is blocked. Disease is spreading unchecked.

Cuba and South Africa charge genocide in the World Court

On January 9, South Africa initiated proceedings in the International Court of Justice against Israel for the Crime of Genocide. Cuba issued formal support. Indonesia followed with a similar proceeding. Chile and Mexico have called upon the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel’s crimes. Beginning in November, Bolivia, South Africa, Djibouti, and the Comoros called on the court to investigate war crimes of genocide in Palestine.

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Namibia rejected Germany’s support of the genocidal Intent of the racist Israeli state against the people of Gaza. They commented that Germany committed the first genocide of the 20th century against thousands of Namibians. 

In countries around the world, millions have taken to the streets to demand a ceasefire.

Major labor unions in the U.S. and abroad have pledged solidarity with the call of the Palestinian General Confederation of Labor to take action against governments, like the U.S., that are arming Israel. They are picketing munitions factories and shutting down weapon shipments at the ports.

On January 12, the U.S. bombed Yemen in retribution for their solidarity with the Palestine people. Millions of Yemenis have protested, and militants are struggling to block arms shipments to Israel.

Leila Khaled says:  “We hear from inside Gaza those standing in the rubble chanting: We are with the resistance, and we will remain in the land of Palestine. Resistance against the Zionist entity has not stopped since the occupation and the displacement of the masses of refugees in different countries. Yes, Palestinian society was destroyed in 1948, but the Palestinian people restores itself every time.”

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