Madison: Stop the Hate: Build People’s Unity! Feb. 10

Details: Gather at Library Mall at UW Madison at 1 P.M. Speak out and march.
This emergency event is in direct response to the neo- Nazi “Blood Tribe” march and attempted recruitment rally that was held in Madison on November 18, 2023. This same terrorist organization menaced an LGBTQ community event in Watertown last year. Just some of the latest outrages in Madison/Wisconsin include:
– Recent Islamophobic and anti-semitic attacks in Madison;
– Unrelenting racist, bigoted, anti-worker attacks by the right-wing politicians in the state legislature against the UW system, BIPOC communities, LGBTQ communities, women, prisoners, Palestine and more. These attacks by the right-wing politicians (and their rich bosses) continue to create the climate for hate.
Our public institutions and public spaces are increasingly under severe attack from a well-funded and nationally organized network organized by fascists like the “Blood Tribe,” and the “Proud Boys.” And right-wing organizations such as the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation that oppose free thought, truth and diversity, worker’s rights, unions, safety laws, healthcare for all, environmental safety and any regulations that infringe on rich people’s profits.
Join us (and bring your friends, neighbors, fellow students and co-workers) on Feb. 10 to resist the hate and participate in this proactive action to continue building a stronger, more engaged people’s movement in Madison and beyond.
We Demand:
– The restoration of workers’ union rights in Wisconsin;
– Guaranteed access to quality healthcare and medical freedom for everyone;
– Full LGBTQ rights and legal protections against discrimination in healthcare, housing, employment, education, and all other arenas of life;
– Nazi-free streets;
– Investment in our communities not the systems of police and prisons;
– A free Palestine and the ceasing of all U.S. military spending and campaigns globally.
– The restoration of Indigenous land rights. We demand Land Back here and around the globe. System change not climate change!;
– Water is Life!
– An end to the economic, environmental, and military attacks that are driving global migration crises. No Human Being Is Illegal!;
– The human right to vote;
– Full Abortion Rights Now;
– Money for human needs (housing, public schools, healthcare, parks, infrastructure) not endless U.S. wars;
– An end to all fascist attacks against our communities;
– Hands off all public education from elementary to the UW System.
Only by getting organized and joining in unity with fellow workers and community members will we be able to stop the hate and build a people’s world of love and solidarity where we have bread AND roses.

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