Luxemburg-Liebknecht memorial: Police in Berlin attack Palestine solidarity activists

Photos: junge Welt

“Viva Palestine” could be heard from afar during the kilometer-long demonstration that marched under red flags to the Socialist Cemetery. Israel’s war against Gaza was the dominant theme at the traditional memorial demonstration for Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, the co-founders of the Communist Party of Germany who were murdered by right-wing Freikorps soldiers 105 years ago, on Jan. 14 in Berlin.

Solidarity with Palestine was also the trigger for brutal police attacks that left numerous people injured. First, a speaker from a block of mostly Palestinian demonstrators was arrested — the reason for this was the banned slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a police spokesman told jW. After the arrest, contingents at the front of the demonstration turned around and the police were briefly pushed away.

Video: @redstreamnet

The frightening results of the subsequent use of batons and pepper spray by the helmeted state power: A 65-year-old man, run over by the police, lay unconscious on the ground and bleeding from his mouth and nose. According to demonstration paramedics, 15 other demonstrators also had to be treated in hospital with injuries, some of them serious, such as broken bones. The police, however, spoke of attacks on officers during the demonstration, with 21 police officers injured.

“I’m glad that the other demonstrators immediately showed their solidarity with us. This is where our strength lies,” a Palestinian activist named Walid told jW.

According to the police, among the 16 demonstrators arrested are several musicians from Turkey’s Grup Yorum, who are currently on a hunger strike for comrades imprisoned in the Federal Republic of Germany.

According to the organizers, more than 10,000 people took part in the demonstration. In addition to contingents from German Communist Party (DKP) and Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ), Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), Trotskyist groups and socialist parties from Turkey and Kurdistan, left-wing trade unionists and neighborhood initiatives, what was noticeable was the strong participation of mostly young supporters of Marxist-Leninist organizations, dressed in black and in orderly formations among a sea of ​​red flags. “Road free for the red youth,” “Youth, future, socialism” and “With Rosa and Karl against war and capital” were heard from these blocks.

With the banner “Defend revolutionary history! Attack German warmongers!” and images of Luxemburg, Liebknecht and Lenin, who died 100 years ago, the “Perspective Communism” movement made it clear that commemoration is not a nostalgic end in itself. This is also how Sevda Karaca, a member of the Labor Party (EMEP) in the Turkish parliament, sees it. “Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht are revered worldwide as champions of socialism,” Karaca told this newspaper at the Socialist Cemetery. “In times when fascist ideas are increasing worldwide, it is particularly important that we reflect on the roots of our resistance.”

Even before the demonstration arrived, thousands of people, including the leadership of Die Linke party, had taken part in a “silent commemoration.” The murdered labor leaders were honored at their graves with red carnations and wreaths.

Solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom, the call for peace and the need for socialism also played a central role at the 29th International Rosa Luxemburg Conference. The conference organized by this newspaper took place on Jan. 13 in the Berlin Tempodrom with a new record attendance of 3,700 visitors.

Translated by Melinda Butterfield

Source: junge Welt


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