Charge the Zionist state with genocide!

Lamis Deek presents flowers from Palestinian mothers to South African diplomats at a news conference in New York, Jan. 9. SLL photo: Stephen Millies

A news conference was called on Jan. 9 to support the petition of South Africa to the International Court of Justice charging “Israel” with genocide. “Keep hope alive” was the event’s theme, which was held in front of the South African Mission to the United Nations in New York City.

The conference was called by the Palestinian Assembly for Liberation (PAL), Al-Awda NY: The Palestinian Right to Return Coalition, and its Commission on War Crimes, Justice, Reparations and Return. 

Palestinian mothers belonging to PAL presented flowers to South African diplomats, thanking them for indicting the Zionist apartheid state. Several of the moms gave heartfelt remarks describing the mass murder of children and other family members.

Nelson Mandela’s statement was quoted: “We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Human rights lawyer Lamis Deek, a founding member of PAL, denounced the genocide that’s being financed with billions from the U.S.A. A Palestinian mother, born in Gaza, movingly spoke about the war crimes being committed by the Zionist state.

Roger Wareham, a member of the International Secretariat of the December 12th Movement, pointed out Israel’s support for the apartheid state in South Africa. Israel even helped that Nazi regime to develop a nuclear weapon. 

Margaret Kimberley of the Black Alliance for Peace and executive editor of Black Agenda Report denounced the genocide in Gaza and the rest of Palestine.

Rabbi Weiss from Neturei Karta said that the Zionist state of Israel doesn’t represent many Jews who are appalled by the mass murder being committed by Israel.

Manolo De Los Santos, executive director of The People’s Forum, spoke of the massive march taking place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Jan. 13. Busses are being organized around the United States to stop the genocide. 

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