Ceasefire now! New York City continues to fight for Palestine freedom

SLL photos: Stephen Millies

The holidays didn’t stop thousands of people in New York City from demonstrating against the murder of Palestinian children, adults, and elders. Genocide Joe Biden has sent another $150 million worth of bombs and shells to the Zionist apartheid regime without even asking for Congressional approval.

Over 500 people joined the Dec. 30 Children’s March for Palestine in Brooklyn, organized by the Al-Awda NY Mothers Committee. People rallied in the Bay Ridge neighborhood’s Palestinian community. Children as young as four years old spoke, demanding freedom for Palestine. They will see it. People then marched through Bay Ridge with drivers honking their horns along with people on sidewalks showing their support.

The next day, on New Year’s Eve, people gathered at Columbus Circle in Manhattan. People denounced the mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza.

The action was called by the Shut It Down for Palestine Coalition. Among its members are the Palestinian Youth Movement; National Students for Palestine; ANSWER coalition; Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition; The People’s Forum; International Peoples’ Assembly; and the Palestinian Community Center (PACC), New Jersey. The Party for Socialism and Liberation, City Workers for Palestine, and Health Care Workers for Palestine are also members of the coalition.

One of the favorite chants was, “Yemen, Yemen, make us proud! Turn another ship around.”

Big Oil and its U.S. Navy have 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers to terrorize the oppressed. Yet they can’t stop the people of Yemen — who’ve been bombed and starved by the U.S. client state of Saudi Arabia — from shutting down the Suez Canal.

Speakers, including Manolo De Los Santos, the co-executive director of the People’s Forum, demanded an end to the genocide in Gaza.

At least 2,000 people marched past the glitzy hotels on Central Park South before turning onto filthy-rich Fifth Avenue. While Palestinian people are starving, the wealthy patronize Tiffany’s and other luxury boutiques. Marchers paused at Trump Tower to demand freedom for Palestine.

People doing window shopping at these famous stores were friendly. Protesters marched over 40 blocks to reach Union Square.

Marchers then went up to Herald Square. The power of the people will stop the slaughter in Gaza.

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