Popular Front warns of the suspicious movements of war criminal ‘Tony Blair’

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirms that the suspicious movements of war criminal and zionist sympathizer “Tony Blair,” former Prime Minister of Britain, and his connection with the dubious international movement around the so-called “day after in Gaza,” indicate a zionist and Western insistence, sponsored by some Arab regimes, on attempting to pass suspicious plans targeting not only the Gaza Strip but the entire Palestinian cause.

The Front considers the return of the man behind the lie of “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,” whose hands are stained with the blood of the Iraqi people, mercenary Tony Blair to the international and political scene, as an ominous sign, asserting that our people and their resistance will thwart any efforts or plans targeting voluntary displacement of our people, undermining the resistance, or achieving a fictitious victory for the zionist entity through attempts to pass political approaches that place the Gaza Strip under international custody or surveillance.

The Front renews its affirmation that the Palestinian people have expressed their stance that there is no guardianship or displacement, and that our people alone will decide the form of governance or political system in the Gaza Strip. The resistance will remain present and a guarantor for any political efforts contributing to arranging the Palestinian house, and will not be outside its framework.

Tony Blair, the liar, deceiver, and war criminal, will have the same fate as all war criminals, which is nothing but the dustbin of history, he and all those who conspire and participate in committing war crimes against peoples, especially the Palestinian people.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Central Media Department

Source: Resistance News Network

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