Statement on the 55th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines

On the 55th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the Socialist Unity Party extends its deepest solidarity and congratulations to all its members, leaders, and fighters — to all who are leading the mass movement to free the Philippines from the shackles of US imperialism.

Only a year ago did the world suffer the collective heartbreak of Ka Joma’s passing. But, because revolutionary Filipinos continue to fulfill the tasks of the national democratic revolution, the struggle lost no steps in his absence. Ka Joma lives.

Instead of a typical solidarity statement filled with familiar talking points, we would like to take this opportunity to call on the rising anti-imperialist mass movement to study the Philippines. We know firsthand that there is much to learn from its revolutionary history and its application of Marxism to its particular conditions. At the very least, anti-imperialists in the U.S. should understand their government’s role in the exploitation of Filipino people and their land.

The masses around the world are galvanizing like never before for Palestine and its national liberation struggle. It is in this context that anti-imperialist unity is built stronger and stronger every day, and more and more people recognize the repugnant centrality of the United States. It is this same mass movement that will need to defend the Philippines revolution, which we hope to see in our lifetimes. The masses must be prepared to cut through the inevitable misinformation and repression campaign that follows.

Our commitment as a revolutionary formation in the U.S. is to aid the building of this consciousness in every way we can. It is no secret that the reactionary government of the Philippines is more similar to “Israel” or Ukraine and more similar still to other client states like South Korea or Saudi Arabia. Secret or no, we are responsible for building that consciousness. The national liberation movements of the world must be united against U.S. imperialism, but it is still the primary responsibility of revolutionaries in the U.S. to win our own revolution. We call on anti-imperialists in the U.S. to take on a genuine study of the Philippines and its revolution and to foster positive relations with national democratic organizations toward a united front against imperialism.

A few starting points:

Philippine Society and Revolution

Specific Characteristics of our Peoples War

Program for a People’s Democratic Revolution

Long live the Communist Party of the Philippines! Long live the National Democratic Front! Long live the New People’s Army!

From Palestine to the Philippines, stop the U.S. war machine!

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