Palestine protesters block entrances to LAX, JFK



Pro-Palestinian protesters in the U.S. succeeded in simultaneously blocking the entrances of two of the largest airports in the country: LAX airport in Los Angeles, California, and JFK airport in New York.

The actions effectively disrupted operations, declaring no business as usual while a genocide and siege is ongoing. These protests highlight the effectiveness of strategic, direct action, showcasing how international allies can support Palestine.

Notably, the Los Angeles protest highlighted the ongoing displacement and genocide taking place in Palestine, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where a combined 16 million people have been displaced and tens of thousands killed. Further, aircraft manufacturer Boeing’s role in these genocides was noted: Boeing has received hundreds of billions from U.S. government contracts to provide products to the U.S. military, as well as sells its weapons and technology to the zionist entity and Saudi Arabia.

In New York, about 30 arrests were documented, and about 40 were documented in Los Angeles.

Source: Resistance News Network on Telegram

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