Denver erupts: Palestine solidarity protests converge on Zionist genocide conference

SLL photo: Kevin Niemann

In Denver, a significant gathering occurred from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 as thousands of individuals united against the Jewish National Fund’s “Global Conference for Israel” held at the Colorado Convention Center. While Zionists congregated to strategize about the infrastructure supporting their oppressive actions, protesters from various organizations rallied throughout the weekend.

At the Auraria campus near the conference venue, Nadeen Ibrahim, an organizer with the Colorado Palestinian Coalition, addressed a large assembly demanding an immediate ceasefire, an end to occupation, and unequivocal Palestinian liberation.

As demonstrators claimed the streets, occupying the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Speer Boulevard, their chants resonated, expressing disdain for the Denver police and the conference: chanting, “DPD, KKK, JNF, you’re all the same.” Meanwhile, the police, outfitted in militarized gear, attempted to separate the conference attendees from the demonstrators.

Within the convention center, the true nature of the Zionist gathering unfolded. Israeli UN representative Gilad Erdan, speaking at the event, rejected calls for a ceasefire, emphasizing an unyielding stance, disregarding the ongoing suffering of thousands of Palestinians under the Israeli apartheid regime.

On Dec. 2, the protest momentum surged as a new wave of demonstrators gathered at the Colorado State Capitol. Organized by Colorado Palestinian Coalition, Palestinian Youth Movement, SDS-Denver, DSA, PSL, Denver Communists, and others, the demonstration, fervently advocating for Palestinian liberation, swelled in numbers, echoing calls for justice and an end to the oppressive structures perpetuated by the Zionist gathering at the Colorado Convention Center.

With fervor and determination, the crowd embarked on a march from the Capitol, their steps resonating with chants demanding accountability and solidarity with the Palestinian cause. As they traversed the streets, their voices grew louder, drawing attention to the plight of the Palestinian people and denouncing the complicity of institutions in upholding an unjust status quo.

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