Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – December 11, 2023

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  • Biden gives green light to Gaza massacre
  • #Cairo4 solidarity activists free
  • Palestine solidarity protest disrupts Baltimore City Council
  • National Day of Mourning 2023: ‘Palestine must be free’
  • Who killed JFK and why?
  • New York City says no to the renewed bombing of Gaza
  • In Egypt for Global Conscience Convoy
  • A Meeting with Popular Socialist Alliance Party
  • Gaza solidarity activists confront heartless U.S. Embassy officials
  • Houthi Resistance takes on Zionist regime in the Red Sea
  • Capitalist climate crisis: Fossil fuel industries seizes helm of COP28
  • Why Cuba leads the world in confronting climate crisis
  • PFLP: Biden responsible for renewed Israeli aggression
  • Puerto Rico: Organizaciones de base defienden al pueblo
  • Saludo a los periodistas de Al Mayadeen

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