Tell the Egyptian government: Let the #GlobalConscienceConvoy go!!

On November 17, the Global Conscience Convoy announced that their planned humanitarian aid convoy planned for November 24 had to be postponed due to bureaucratic obstruction by the Egyptian government’s Ministry of Affairs. All progressive and anti-war organizations need to demand that the Egyptian government open the Rafah border crossing and allow the Global Conscience Convoy depart from Cairo.

The Global Conscience Convoy is a call to: 

  1. End the War 
  2. Open the Rafah Crossing, for all humanitarian aid (food, water, medication, and fuel) to enter Gaza, and for unconditional exit for the critically wounded 
  3. Medical, humanitarian relief, and journalist crews enter Gaza
  4. Support the Palestinian people in standing against Israel’s expulsion plans. 

To effectuate these goals, the Egyptian Journalists Union planned a convoy of relief workers, activists, and supplies in trucks and buses to the Rafah border crossing to the Gaza strip. Not only is the convoy focused on delivering material aid, but there is something else at stake: The world deserves to know what is really happening in Gaza. The aim of the journalists organizing the convoy is to gain access to the Strip as to report to the world Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinian people. 

This war will only end with intervention from the world’s governments, unions, religious institutions, universities, non-profits, etc. The Convoy’s organizers are asking all like-minded individuals to support the convoy through social media and public statements. So please, post a photo of yourself with a note: Let the #GlobalConscienceConvoy go and #OpenRafahCrossing on twitter and instagram. 

Let’s stand with the Egyptian Journalists’ Union and the people of Palestine! Let the Global Conscience Convoy Go! Open Rafah Crossing NOW!!!!!


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