PFLP: Hold U.S., international community responsible for assault on Al-Shifa hospital

‘We carry our revolution to victory’ (2023).

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) confirmed that the occupation’s assault this morning on the Al-Shifa hospital complex, its brutal bombing, firing, and shelling inside it, targeting thousands of displaced civilians, tampering with patients’ rooms and wards, and terrorizing patients and medical staff, is a fully constituted war crime for which the American administration and the so-called international community, which encouraged the enemy to commit this major crime, are responsible.

The Front considered that the defeated Zionist enemy, by assaulting the Al-Shifa medical complex, is openly seeking to gain a false image of victory from within the confines of a civilian hospital sheltering thousands of citizens, endangering the lives of hundreds of premature babies, leaving patients prey to shelling or death due to inability to treat them, and with the presence of bodies and remains of martyrs that medical staff cannot bury.

The Front affirmed that what is happening now in the Al-Shifa complex is a resounding exposure of the so-called international community and free world, which allows this dark and criminal Zionist entity to invade a civilian medical complex that should be protected under international law.

The Front added that the Zionist entity, whose cowardly forces fled the battle after suffering heavy losses inflicted by our heroic resisters in the neighborhoods and alleys of the sector, found in its assault on a civilian hospital a means of revenge, an expression of its sadism and doctrine of killing, in full view of the world and satellite TV screens.

The Front emphasized that the Western world, with its alignment and complicity in these major crimes, cannot beautify or repair its criminal image, which has been exposed again, warning of a silly dramatic series directed by Zionists and produced and sponsored by America and the West to try to justify this crime or the crimes to be committed within the complex.

The Front concluded its statement by affirming that Palestinian hospitals will remain a witness to the unprecedented crimes of this entity, which have reached a level not practiced by any occupation or colonialism before. However, our people are determined to resist and remain steadfast and firm and will not raise the white flag. Our doctors, patients, and all our people will remain strong, undeterred by these crimes, and will not forgive or forget the complicity of the international community and international medical institutions that turned a blind eye to the targeting of hospitals and the medical system, and the killing of doctors and patients.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
November 15, 2023

Source: Resistance News Network

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