Millions protest worldwide against U.S.-Israeli genocide in Gaza

Massive march for Palestine in Washington, D.C., Nov. 4. Photo: Palestinian Youth Movement

Genocide Joe: Ceasefire now!

People around the world are demanding that the Zionist apartheid regime stop murdering Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed, including 4,500 children.

Three hundred thousand people marched on the White House in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 4. They demanded that “Genocide Joe” Biden stop the massacre being carried out by the U.S. client state of “Israel.”

This was the biggest march in defense of Palestine in U.S. history. Many Palestinian organizations helped organize it, along with the ANSWER coalition.

Activists in the Black Lives Matter movement have rallied to defend Palestine. So have Indigenous nations and organizations defending immigrants.

Marches took place the same day across the United States. Five thousand people took to the streets in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Anti-War Committee also organized a busload of people who traveled 1,400 miles to join the Washington protest.

Hundreds of thousands marched in London and other British cities for Palestine on Nov. 4. The Tory government wants to stop a demonstration in London on Nov. 11, since that’s the anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I.

As former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn pointed out, wasn’t that armistice a ceasefire? What better day to demand peace for Palestine?

Corbyn said “the Palestinian cause will never go away.” 

Thousands have also marched in Berlin and Paris. Italians are demanding a ceasefire. “Peace with Gaza” has been painted on Italian railroad passenger cars.

Thousands marched in Mexico City. They rightfully called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a war criminal.

Massive marches to stop the killing in Gaza have taken place in both Istanbul and Ankara in Türkiye. Demonstrators tried to storm the U.S. air base at Incirlik in southern Türkiye.   

Nelson Mandela supported Palestine

An estimated 2 million people marched in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. 

The 278 million people of Indonesia have been politically smothered since the CIA-orchestrated massacres of a million communists, workers and peasants in 1965-66. The mass marches for Palestine are helping to break through decades of reaction.

The people of South Africa are heart and soul with Palestine. Nelson Mandela said in 1997 that “we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

Marches have been organized in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. People remember how Israel supplied rifles and other military hardware, including nuclear weapons, to the old apartheid regime. 

They also remember Ruth First, a Jewish South African communist who was murdered by a bomb sent by the apartheid secret police. Thousands of Jewish people around the world have marched to demand freedom and peace in Palestine.

But in “democratic Israel,” nobody is allowed to march for peace and to stop murdering Palestinian children. Zionist police chief Yaakov Shabtai has threatened to arrest anti-war protesters and bus them to Gaza. 

On Nov. 9 people in the U.S. took to the streets again. At least 10,000 people demonstrated in New York City.

Among them were thousands of high school and college students who walked out of class earlier in the day. Struggle-La Lucha’s Bill Dores reported they marched from the New York Public Library down Fifth Avenue, across 34th Street through Herald Square, then up Eighth Avenue to the New York Times.

Hundreds of writers and journalists were sitting in there to protest the Times’ support of the war on Gaza. People then marched through Times Square back to the library,

Earlier in the day, activists at the People’s Forum took over the lobby of the BlackRock financial octopus that has assets of over $9 trillion. Among its holdings are war profiteers like Lockheed.

The world is with Palestine. Ceasefire now! Palestine will be free!

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