Struggle ★ La Lucha PDF – October 30, 2023

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  • Worldwide outcry in solidarity with Gaza: STOP THE MASSACRE
  • Historic march for trans youth sweeps Florida city
  • The answer to job-killing automation: Shorten the workweek!
  • Melinda Butterfield: ‘Trans people will continue to resist’
  • Christynne Wood: Standing up to anti-trans hate in Southern California
  • Immigrant anti-nuke activist: Peace includes trans rights
  • Trans youth leader: ‘Fear and apathy are the oppressor’s greatest tools’
  • Sally Jane Black: ‘We have to do the work’ to build a united movement
  • Greetings from Cuba: Message of solidarity to the U.S. LGBTQ+ community
  • Free, free Palestine!
  • Queers say NO to GENOCIDE
  • Bronx march
  • A week of actions in Atlanta
  • Louisiana: Which way forward for the anti-Landry movement?
  • Saltwater threatens south Louisiana drinking water
  • Africa says no to sanctions: Stop strangling Zimbabwe
  • Low-wage workers of the world, unite!
  • ‘Cuba in Africa’ cheered at Los Angeles showing
  • Declaración de Mujeres en Lucha sobre Palestina
  • Huelga estudiantes Recinto de Ciencias Médicas
  • Un saludo desde Cuba: un mensaje de solidaridad a la comunidad LGBTQ+ en EE.UU.

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