A week of actions in Atlanta supporting Palestine

Atlanta, Oct. 22. SLL photo: Lizz Toledo

Oct. 22 — All over Atlanta, anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and anti-Zionist activists took over the streets despite the attempts by the APD and the Georgia State Patrol to surround us and get us off the streets. “Whose streets, our streets?” chants rang out from downtown Atlanta to the Israeli Consulate to Piedmont Park. 

Families, youth, Jews, Palestinians, BLM, and LGBTQ+ united against the Israeli terrorist state. “Netanyahu, you can’t hide; we charge you with genocide.” 

Placards like “Israel bombs hospitals” and “End all aid for Israel’s crimes” clearly expressed the need for unity in the U.S. in support of Palestine. 

The lies that the U.S. and its paid Israeli clients are telling were challenged by many speakers, particularly the one about the number of deaths of settlers allegedly killed by Hamas. “Where are the bodies?” When were the funerals for the 1,200 people killed by Hamas?

Civil rights icon Mukasa Dada, who traveled from Alabama, would have been arrested had it not been for the intervention of the activists who took to the streets and surrounded the cop car chanting, “Let him go, leave him alone.” After a few tense moments, the cop told Brother Mukasa he was free to go. 

The legendary activist, community organizer, and leader in the struggle for rights for African people around the world said, “What can you expect? These cops were trained by the Zionist occupiers in Israel. They wanted to arrest me for demanding that Israel stop bombing hospitals.”

The pressure against the U.S.-Israeli war machine must continue. It’s the one thing we can do here in the imperialist center and around the world to end the occupation and genocide of Palestine. 

Free Free Palestine!


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