PFLP calls for a comprehensive uprising against the occupation

Ministry of Health in Gaza gives a news conference surrounded by victims of the Israeli bombing of the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital, Oct. 17.
Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza City engulfed in flames after Israeli bombing, Oct. 17.

Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Front: The “Al-Aqsa Flood” surprised the enemy and inflicted a humiliating loss on it

Oct. 17: The Deputy Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Comrade Jamil Mezher, affirmed tonight that “our Palestinian people are experiencing the heroic epic (Al-Aqsa Flood) that was inaugurated by a group of heroic resistance fighters who, in a few hours, in a surprise operation, managed to inflict a humiliating loss on the enemy, during which their security strategy was destroyed.” 

Comrade Jamil Mezher stressed, through a recorded speech broadcast on Al-Mayadeen satellite channel, that “the Zionist enemy is committing a heinous massacre in the Al-Ahli al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza City [alternatively known as Al-Maamadani Hospital], which claimed the lives of hundreds of martyrs, children, women and the elderly, in an attempt by this enemy to subjugate our people and impose surrender on them, and displacement under bombing fire.

“We say to this criminal enemy: No matter how many bloody massacres are committed, our people will not leave, but will remain steadfast on their land and will not leave it, no matter how heavy the sacrifices are.”

Mezher pointed out, “These crimes cannot cover up the defeat of the enemy; the shame that befell its soldiers and its security system, and in the face of this madness and Zionist crime, it has become necessary to take urgent action to save our people who are being subjected to a war of genocide and ethnic cleansing.”

In response to this hideous massacre, Comrade Mezher called on “the masses of our people in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the territories of 1948 for a comprehensive uprising in the face of the occupation and the herds of settlers,” while he called on “the Arab leaders for a common position to boycott the U.S. administration, expel its military bases, and close its embassies in the region.”

Comrade Deputy Secretary-General stressed the necessity of “expelling the enemy state’s ambassadors and withdrawing the Arab ambassadors from the state of the Zionist entity,” calling on “the Arab masses to take mass action in the squares and streets and besiege the U.S. and Zionist embassies in their countries.”

Mezher also called on “the free forces in solidarity with the Palestinian people around the world to escalate their struggle against the Zionist enemy, the U.S. administration, and the colonial powers in Europe that are partners in this aggression against our people.”

At the end of his speech, Comrade Jamil Mezher addressed all of the people by saying: “Our people and our proud, heroic people: Despite the bombing, destruction, and war of extermination practiced by the enemy against our people, and despite the American and Western partnership, our people and our resistance are fine, they are performing heroically, they will not surrender, and they will not raise the white flag.

“With all certainty, the resistance of our people will pave the way to a decisive and inevitable victory over this criminal and defeated Zionist entity. The struggle continues, and victory will inevitably belong to the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance.”

Translated by Melinda Butterfield 

Source: PFLP


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