New York City: End U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine, Fight Corporate Media War Propaganda, Oct. 1

SAVE THE DATE: SUNDAY OCT. 1st (Part of the International week of actions to end the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine)
End the U.S./NATO Proxy War in Ukraine!
Corporate Media is GUILTY of war propaganda! STOP manufacturing consent for war!
No Weapons & No Money for War!
No to NATO!
NATO out of Ukraine, Africa & OUT of everywhere!
Protest mainstream media’s lies and whitewashing of the truth: the U.S. & NATO are using Ukraine to wage a proxy war on Russia, and will sacrifice every Ukrainian to do it. The U.S. has vetoed negotiations & rejected any ceasefire. The war could end TODAY if the U.S. stopped sending weapons & money to Ukraine.
Endorsed by: Bronx Antiwar Coalition, United National Antiwar Coalition, ANSWER Coalition, Peace in Ukraine Coalition, CODEPINK, International Action Center, NYC/NJ Veterans for Peace, Black Alliance for Peace, Palestinian Youth Movement, NY Boricua Resistance, ILPS – International League for People’s Struggle, National Lawyers Guild International Committee, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Bronx Green Party, World Beyond War, Struggle for Socialism/La Lucha por el Socialismo, PEX Semillas de Libertad, DSA International Committee, Party of Communists USA, U.S. Peace Council, Workers World Party and more.
Sunday, October 1st, 2pm
March from CNN (58th St. & 8th Ave) to NY Times (41 st St. & 8th Ave.)
Contact to endorse and join us!

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