UAW workers expand strike, call for support against billionaire CEOs

Striking United Auto Workers outside the General Motors Memphis ACDelco Parts Distribution Center and Bulk Center.

Sept. 22 — At 10 a.m., the United Auto Workers announced a major expansion of the current stand-up strike to 38 parts and distribution sites across 20 states at General Motors and Stellantis. Both companies have remained recalcitrant.  

UAW President Shawn Fain announced that the union made some progress with Ford, including eliminating wage tiers, reinstating cost-of-living adjustments, improved profit-sharing, conversion of temporary workers, and the right to strike in the advent of plant closures.  There are still significant gaps on key issues with Ford, and in the end, all of the issues are interconnected.  Strikes at Wayne, Michigan (Ford), Wentzville, Missouri (GM), and Toledo, Ohio (Stellantis) will continue.

In the morning livestream, UAW President Shawn Fain called on everyone to join the picket line, including all UAW members and family members, the community, and workers at large.  Fain also urged President Biden to join the line.  International support has been pouring in from Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, and Italy, where Stelantis workers are on strike.

This will add 5,600 workers to the 13,000 who are already striking.

The staff at Struggle-La Lucha and the Socialist Unity Party urges our readers, members, and friends to join the picket lines in their respective areas.

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